Typography Options

The Typography option allows you to change the font aspects of your site, such as font size, family, and weight.

To access the Typography options, in your WordPress Administration Panels go to Appearance > Theme Options > Design > Typography.

Typography options

  1. Font Size – Here you can set the font size. 6px, 12px, 14px, 16px, 20px, etc. Default is 14px.
  2. Font Family – Depending on your theme, you may have several choices like Helvetica Neue.
  3. Font Weight – Here you can set the font weight. Default is “Normal”.
  4. Google fonts – On/Off. Default is Off. When set to “On” you’ll have the option to load a Google Font instead of the supplied standard web fonts. To find a Google please see here: http://www.google.com/fonts/
  5. Demo Text – A preview will appear here from your choices made above.
  6. Click “Save Options” when done.

New Framework Typography Option

To learn more about Web Typography see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_typography


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