Showing correct page structure in breadcrumbs

WordPress Menus make it very easy to set up drop-down menus and when using the WordPress menus the breadcrumbs don’t display the correct page hierarchy.

Set up Parent/Child relationships

WordPress has an option on the Edit / Add New Page screen under the heading Page Attributes. From here, you can easily choose a “Parent” page from a drop-down of published pages. This will change the URL structure of your page, and it will also force breadcrumbs to display the proper page hierarchy!

Quick Edit

Quick Edit

Don’t Neglect the WordPress Menus

Setting up a Parent/Child relationship on a WordPress page doesn’t have any effect on WordPress Menus, so make sure that you set up your WordPress Menus with the same hierarchy. This can seem like seem to doing the job twice but this does offer a lot of flexibility in your menus going forward.