Setting up a Slider

Follow below steps to setup a Slider same as Positive Vibes demo

Positive Vibes

1. How To Create Slider Category

1. Please Navigate to WordPress Dashboard -> Slides -> Slide Category.
2. Enter the Category name in the ‘Name’ field and click on ‘Add New Category’ button.

Slide Category

2. How to create Custom Slide Posts for the Slider

1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard.
2. In the WordPress Dashboard menu – Click on the ‘Slides’ menu.

Custom Slide Posts for the Slider

3. For the Slider, you will need to create some custom slides. Click on the “Add New” button as in the screenshot.

Creating custom slides

4. On the ‘Add new Slide’ page –
– Enter the name of the slider.
– Upload the slider Image
– Enter the Slider caption.

New Slider_Image_Name_Caption

5. After you are done with entering the Slider details, you will also need to set the category for Slider. In the right side you will see a Slide Categories box. To select the categories, click on the Slide category checkbox.

Select Slider categories

6. Publish the post.

How to create a New Page and Add the CyberChimps Slider element in Page

1. Create a new page where you want to display the Slider.
– Navigate to the WordPress dashboard.
– Click on the WordPress “Page” menu.

Adding Slider element in page

– Click on the “Add New” button.

Add new page

– Scroll down the Page, You will see the CyberChimps Page Elements. By default CyberChimps set “Page” as the Active element. Drag and Drop “CyberChimps Slider” element in the Active element section.

Active elements and Slider element

Drag and drop slider element

2. After dragging the CyberChimps Slider element in active element section, you will see the “CyberChimps Slider Options” setting when you scroll the page. Set the settings as follows

– Slider Size –> Full
– Slider Type –> Custom
– Custom Categories –> Select the category that you have created.
– Slider Height –> 600

CyberChimps Slider Options

3. Publish the Page