Responsive Theme

Responsive Theme

Responsive is a feature-rich theme with numerous page layouts, widget areas, custom menu areas, breadcrumb navigation, a custom homepage and custom social icons, all packed into a completely responsive design.

Custom Home Page

Responsive’s Home page gives your site a professional feeling and allows you to focus the user’s attention on a featured callout, supported by three widget areas.

This is activated by default. To change to another front page see this guide.

Edit Custom Home Page Content

If you would like to change the content that is display on the custom home page by default then visit “Appearance” → “Theme Options” → “Home Page”. There you can find the different fields.

Read more here on the “Featured Content”

Both the “Content Area” and the “Featured Content” support shortcode, more here.

Responsive’s call to action button is enabled by default. To disable it, check the “Disable Call to Action Button?” checkbox in “Appearance” → “Theme Options” → “Theme Elements”

Home Widget Area:

There are three available widget areas under the content block in the Home template which can be customized in Appearance → Widgets.


Breadcrumb Navigation

Responsive’s breadcrumb navigation is enabled by default. To disable them, check the “Disable Breadcrumb Lists?” checkbox in “Appearance” → “Theme Options” → “Theme Elements”


Custom Social Icons

To display the custom social icons in Responsive’s footer, set the corresponding social network links under “Social Icons” in fields in “Appearance” → “Theme Options”

Page Templates

Responsive offers a number of page layouts: a full-width page; split 50/50 content/sidebar layouts with either the the sidebar to the right or the left of the content; and a landing page template without a sidebar.

These templates can be set through the Page Attributes section on the page editor screen.

Template options

Custom Menus

There are four Custom Menu options in Responsive: the primary menu; a secondary menu that displays directly under the primary; a top menu in the header; and a footer menu at the bottom of your site.

You can set up the custom menus by going to Appearance → Menus.

Menu locations

Menu locations


Responsive includes eight widget areas aside from the Home template widget areas. A standard sidebar widget area for all of the page templates, a gallery sidebar widget area that only appears on image attachment pages, a footer widget area, and a header widget area can all be customized in Appearance → Widgets. You can read up more here

Custom Header and Background

Responsive features a fully flexible Custom Header that will replace the site title and description. It can be set under  Appearance → Header. The background can also be customized under Appearance → Background.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 605 except in the full-width layout where it’s 918
  2. The Home template featured image is 440 wide and 300 tall
  3. Each Home template widget area is 264 wide
  4. The sidebar widget area is 250 wide