How to Use the Magazine Element

The Magazine Element allows you to display selected Posts via category in a Magazine/Newspaper layout. Creating a magazine or newspaper website with WordPress is now even easier with our Magazine element.

To activate the Magazine element on Pages, navigate to that particular Edit Page in your WordPress Administration Panels by first selecting the “Pages” option directly under the “Links” or “Media” option. This will be located in the Page that your are specifically working on.

  1. Look for “Page Options”. Within that you should see “Page Elements”.
  2. Drag and drop the “Magazine” Inactive Element to the “Active Elements”. It will now be activated. Please note that you can control where it appears by its location among the other active elements. Simply drag and drop the “Magazine” Element above or below other Active Elements.
  3. Once you have the “Magazine” element active, you will have access to the “Magazine Options”. See below.
  4. To disable the Magazine section for that Page, drag and drop the Magazine element to “Inactive Elements” or click on the minus “-” symbol to the left of the word “Magazine”.
  5. Click “Update” when done.

Magazine Element Page Options
Magazine Options

  1. Sidebar – This allows you to display your sidebar next to the Magazine elements. Options are On/Off. The default is Off. Please note that the sidebar will only appear if you have set a sidebar in your Sidebar Options.
  2. Meta Data – This allows you to display your Post’s meta data. Such as the date when it was published, the author of the Post, and the category it was published under. Options are On/Off. The default is Off.
  3. Featured Image – This allows you to display a Post’s Featured Image. This is the exact image that you would display on your Post’s excerpts. Options are On/Off. The default is Off.
  4. Category – This is where you choose the category for the Posts that you would like to display. You can select “All” or you can select one category. The default is “All”.
  5. Number of Columns – This is where you choose how many columns you would like. Currently you can choose 2 or 3. The default is 2.
  6. Number of Rows – This is where you choose how many rows of columns should appear. Currently you can choose between 1 and 20. The default is 1. Please note, that it will only show as many excerpts as you have available, regardless of the number you set here.
  7. Wide Posts Below Magazine – If you would like to have horizontal excerpts below the column excerpts, set this to “On”. Options are On/Off. Default is Off.
  8. Number of Wide Posts – This option only applies if you have set “Wide Posts Below Magazine” to “On”. Options are 1 to 20. Default is 1. Please note, that it will only show as many wide excerpts as you have available to display, regardless of the number you set here.

Magazine Options in a Page


Each box displays the selected Post’s excerpts. So the shorter the Post Excerpt, the shorter the box will appear. Each Post allows you to write your own excerpt if you do not wish to use the automated excerpt that WordPress creates. Before you create a custom excerpt on your Post, make sure that you have it checked marked in the Screen Options at the top of the Post. To learn more about custom excerpts see the WordPress Codex here:
The reason you would want to vary the length of your excerpts is to give your Page the look of an actual magazine/newspaper layout. Or you could add a featured images to make it more eye catching and help draw interest in your readers.

Example of Magazine Element in a Page

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