How to create custom menus in WordPress?

Step One:

Navigate to Appearance > Menus


Step Two:

Under the Menu Name add how you would like to call your menu and click on Create Menu button


Step Three:

After the menu is created, move to your left, choose the menu location (currently 4 menu positions are available) select one of them and click save.


For this specific tutorial, we’re creating the top menu, however the same rule applies to all of them.

Step Four:

When we selected the menu and saved it, let’s move down to the page and choose the items you wish to display and add them to your newly created menu.


Step Five:

Save the menu and that’s all folks, we just created custom menu in few easy steps.


Few notes:

If you don’t have a Home item, you wish to remove Home or simply to rename it, click on View All under the Pages and that’s where the Home item will be located.


To add more menus, or to list all four locations, just click on the plus tab and repeat the steps from above.


Just in case that you need to include dropdown’s, that part is also very simple. All we need here is to drag the the items toward the right and WordPress will automatically treat them as the child page, also know as the dropdown.