Header – Contact Element

The Contact Element allows you to add your phone and/or email contact information.

**NOTE** This requires a Contact Element. You will need to drag and drop the “Logo + Contact” “Inactive Element” to the “Active Elements” if not already there.


To access the Contact Element options, in your WordPress Administration Panels go to:

Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Contact Element.

This element currently has six options.

  1. Add Telephone Number – On/Off. When set to “On” the following two options appear.
    • Telephone Number – This is the actual number that when clicked (on most mobile devices) should pull up the phone keypad. Please note, that the link will only work on mobile devices. On larger screens the link does not function.
    • Telephone Text – This is where you place the text that you want to display for the phone link. For example: “Call us at 123-456-7890”.
  2. Add Email Address – On/Off. When set to “On” the follow option appears.
    • Email – Insert your contact email address here.
  3. Make Email Address a link – On/Off. By default this is “Off”. If you want to make this linkable, set it to “On”. Please note that this uses “mailto” so if the users’ device does not support that functionality, then it will most likely not do anything when clicked.
  4. Click “Save Options” when done.


This is how it looks on the front end of your site.


This is an example of how it looks on an Android device after the Contact number is tapped.


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