Header – Banner Options

The Banner Options allows you to add your own custom banner.

To access the Banner Options, in your WordPress Administration Panels go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Banner Options.

Banner Options

  1. Banner Image – Here you can add an image with the built in media uploader. Select “Upload” than upload the file or you can manually enter the URL of the image location (if you have an image in your uploads directory you can insert the URL there). The default banner that comes with our themes is 980px by 120px. But this can vary depending on your theme as some themes do not have the Banner option or their header area may be set up differently. So please keep this size in mind when uploading a banner image.
  2. Banner URL –  Insert the URL of the post/page that you want the image to link to here. For example, if it’s your contact page, something similar to http://www.example.com/contact-us/ would go there. Default is your home page or your site’s direct URL. Example: http://www.example.com.
  3. Click “Save Options” when done.


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