Footer Options

The Footer Options allows you to change certain features of your site’s footer (very bottom section of your site).

To access the Footer Options, in your WordPress Administration Panels go to Appearance > Theme Options > Design > Footer Options.

Footer Options

  1. Show Footer Section – On/Off default is On.
  2. Footer Copyright Text – Here you can insert your copyright text. Default is your site’s name. Please note that the Footer Copyright Text field only allows text and the following HTML tags/attributes:
    <a href=""></a>
    <a title=""></a>

    Why would you want to place HTML Markup in this area? Maybe you want to place your company info there instead of the copyright. So you could do this:

    Company Name</br>
    123 Some Street, City, State Zip

    Here is a screenshot of what it would look like:

  3. CyberChimps Link – On/Off default is On. Here you can disable the CyberChimps Logo and Link in your footer.
  4. Click “Save Options” when done.


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