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WordPress Jobs

If you know how to use WordPress, and have been at it for a while, whether for a personal blog or a nice professional website, you surely have the necessary skills. So why not think about working on WordPress fulltime, like WordPress jobs. Be it as a freelancer or as a fulltime employee, there are numerous ways in which you can land yourself some good work which pays well

Where Can I Find WordPress Jobs?

Listed here are few of the best options that you could check out and try.


This is the perfect place to look into if you are trying to find your first assignment in WordPress. This board is loaded with freelance projects. Most of the projects are small and don’t have humongous budgets, which is why this place is perfect if you are just starting out.


Here, you will find a lot of specific jobs listed as projects. These are job boards for WordPress, and are time and payment bound projects. If you are looking for something long term, then it would be a good idea to create a Pro account and send in your CV, so that interested employers can view you and your skill sets, and hire you as and when needed.


This is another job board for WordPress specific jobs, supposedly the largest and most popular one around. You can even upload your CV here to get noticed more. Use the filter to find something more specific for yourself. There is a whole lot of freelance and employment opportunities here. A wide range to choose from, like SEO related stuff, writing and even plug-in development.

Jobs WordPress

If you are in some international location, then this is what you would want to try out. With opportunities spread out over Asia, North America, and Europe, you’ll surely find something. Would be a good idea to upload your CV here to get more exposure. Job types range from theme-related, designing, plug-in development, migration and performance, besides others. And, you also have a good choice between specific projects or proper employment.


If you are looking for proper employment, and are well into WordPress already, this is where you should look. Besides the regular openings like developers and technicians, they even have opportunities for administrative work. You can have flexible working hours from a location of your choice. Other great benefits include, open vacation policy, home office setup, hardware and software reimbursing, company provided life insurance, leave, cost cover for company travel, etc.

Simply Hired

Getting really serious here, this place has job opportunities all over, like Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa. If you are really experienced, jump in here. There are a lot of long-term projects available, besides good employment openings too. Experienced developers don’t miss out on this one.


Now for some twist. This isn’t a job board as such. Here, those looking for a job are marched up with startups that are looking to hire in some capacity or the other. Sign up here with your CV, and interested employers will contact you if they like what they see.


This section is useful for those looking for location-specific projects. Those looking for projects in the United Kingdom can try Indeed. If you are looking for openings in the region of Asia, then Startup Jobs Asia would do. And, if you are by any chance in the US, you should try Krop, for freelance, contract, and employment openings.

Rounding up this amazing list, you could also check out OnTheGoSystems. Here, you will find full-time jobs, where you can work from home. The work process is in sub-teams, and you would be assigned specific tasks. There are regular virtual meetings and a real meeting once a year where everyone has some fun.

Now let’s have a look at how much one can get paid for WordPress jobs. We’ll do this by breaking it down into time and job tasks.

WordPress Developer Hourly Rate

Depending on what type of work you are planning to do, for starters you can charge an hourly rate of $15 to $20 per hour. With more experience and jobs at hand, most people charge anywhere between $20 to $30 per hour, again depending on the task and expertise needed. In some cases, where the job demands a lot, it can even go to $50/hr. So this was the median hourly rate for a WordPress freelance developer. Talking in terms of project-specific rates, a logo design could be quoted at around $100, a website design could be something around $500 for a 5-page site, with other things being in between this as per the project, expertise, and amount of work involved.

Talking of a regular job and the salary involved, if you are wondering how much a WordPress Developer’s salary should be around, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. It mostly varies from region to region, level of experience, and skills and expertise needed in the said job. But to get a rough idea, the average yearly salary of a web developer is around $50,000, a web designer around $45,000, a front end developer around $55,000, a webmaster around $50,000, a PHP developer around $60,000, and a managing editor around $60,000.

A reminder! All these WordPress jobs rates vary by location, company, experience, and expertise involved. This is just to give you an overall idea of how things are out there in the market.

So pull up your socks and get going in grabbing some of the many WordPress jobs that are on offer out there. Now you are armed with all the information that you ever needed. Who knows, with some hard work and luck, you may strike gold!