Featured Slider (Slideshow) and Shortcode Support

As of Responsive v1.7.5 you can now use shortcodes in home content area, as well as featured content. 

What does this mean to me?

Well very simple: If you want to replace your featured image with a slider, or anything else provided by plugins, just insert their respective shortcodes in the area of your choice and save it. In matter of minutes you can have nice looking slider, or whatever you want to display.

How does this work?

I am going to take Meteor Slides https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/meteor-slides/ for this example:

First follow the instruction https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/meteor-slides/installation/ how to install this plugin, it should be no brainer. After your plugin is installed add couple of slides (example only) and choose max of 460px width.

When slides are in and published last step is to go to Appearance > Theme Options > Home Page > Featured Content and paste Meteor Slides shortcode and that would be:


Pasting featured content and meteor slides shortcode

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Press save and refresh your homepage and enjoy your nice slider :)

Featured Slider

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Note: Meteor was used for demonstration purposes only and because this plugin is using “Responsive” layout as well.

If you want full page slider, please download our Full Width Child Theme from here:https://github.com/cyberchimps/responsive-childtheme/archive/full-width-featured-area.zip and add your shortcode to the featured area.