Design – Layout Options

Layout Options allow you to change the responsive aspects of your site, such as Responsive Design, Responsive Videos, and Max Width.

To access the Layout Options, in your WordPress Administration Panels go to Appearance > Theme Options > Design > Layout Options.

Layout Options

  1. Responsive Design – On/Off default is On. Allows you to choose if your site is responsive to a user’s browser or not.
  2. Responsive Videos – On/Off default is Off. Allows you to force embedded videos to be responsive. If you’re having issues with your videos not being responsive to screen size, try setting this to “On”.
  3. Wide Sidebar – On/Off default is Off. Allows you to have a wider sidebar. Please note that this option only works on layouts with one sidebar.
  4. Max Width – Here you can set the maximum width of your site. Default is 1020px
  5. Click “Save Options” when done.

layout options

For more information on Responsive Design please see


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