Changing Fonts with Responsive

In some circumstances you may want to replace the default font with your own. We can only offer some assistance in this area. The Pro version offers more flexibility in this area. So if this guide does not provide useful for your circumstance you may want to consider upgrading to the Pro version. The guide for the Pro version can be found here:

Basically Responsive does not offer many options when it comes to using your own font. You more than likely will need to see these plugins and guides:

Please note that we are providing information on how to use your own font for your benefit. We may or may not be able to assist you with setting up your own font with your WordPress site.

If you’re having issues getting a special font like Google Fonts to work, you may want to try adding the @import declaration in your Custom CSS or child theme style.css to make sure that it is pulling in the correct font.

Here is an example:

@import url(;

Please note that you cannot use variants (attributes) with the Google Font option and our themes. You can only use the Family and nothing else.

If you’re using Typekit for your Font, you’ll need to see their guide here:
When it asks you to install the javascript code, you just paste whatever they supply in your Header Scripts area:
Appearance > Theme Options > Scripts > Custom Scripts for Header and Footer > Embeds to header.php
Click Save Options after you have pasted in the code that TypeKit provided.

To learn more about Web Typography see


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