Blog – Twitter Bar Options

The Twitter Bar element allows you to display your Twitter feeds in a horizontal box.

To activate the Twitter Bar you must drag and drop the “Twitter Bar” from the Inactive Elements to the Active Elements in your Themes Options. In your WordPress Administration Panels go to Appearance > Theme Options > Blog > Drag & Drop

Once you have activated the Twitter Bar you will need to add your Twitter information here:

Appearance > Theme Options > Blog > Twitter API Options

To enable the Twitter API you must set the option “Edit Twitter API” to On.

Once it is set to “On” some brief instructions will appear.

  1. Create your Twitter App here. (This actually takes you to Twitter where you can log into your account. You must create the Twitter API or you will get a message like “error retrieving tweets”)
  2. Complete all parts of the form and create your application
  3. On the next page click on the button “Create my access token”
  4. Now take the details and fill out the form below.
  5. Save your options.

Details that you will need from Twitter for your theme’s Twitter Bar element:

  1. Consumer Key
  2. Consumer Secret
  3. Access Token
  4. Access Token Secret
  5. Twitter Handle

Additional options are:

  • Use your Twitter Image: On/Off – default is Off (This Twitter Image option is if you prefer to user your image associated with your Twitter Account instead of the default Twitter Bird.)
  • Show the number of followers – default is Off



Twitter Bar Notes:

  • Please be aware that the Twitter Bar is simply only meant to work for your Tweets and not with anything else like @replies.
  • The Twitter Bar only refreshes its cache every hour, so if you don’t immediately see your Tweets, please wait an hour or so after the Tweet to see if it appears. It’s not instantaneous; this was done on purpose to add as little impact to your server as possible.
  • Are your Tweets set to Public (default)? Make sure on your actual account settings that your tweets aren’t protected.
  • Are you getting a 401 Not Authorized error? Try your Twitter username with and without the @ symbol.
  • Try clearing all browser and/or any plugin caching.


Did this documentation not suffice? Have more questions? Please post a support topic in the forum.