Blog Theme Options – Portfolio ( Drag & Drop Element )

  • Portfolio is a Drag & Drop Element that lets you create a Portfolio on your Blog Page

  • Portfolio element is best utilized when your Blog is your home page. If you have a static home page, then it would be better to utilize the available elements for a Page. Which are accessible when editing the page. To make your Blog (Your latest posts) your home page go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays and select “Your latest posts”

You can create a Portfolio on your Blog in the following way –

1. Under ‘Appearance’ -> Select ‘Theme Options’ -> In ‘Blog’ , Drag & Drop the ‘Portfolio’ element in ‘Active Elements’

CyberChimps Blog options - Portfolio Element Drag & Drop

2. In ‘Portfolio Options’ -> Select images per row, correct ‘Portfolio Category’, portfolio title -> Select ‘Save Options’

Portfolio Blog Options

3. Here’s how you can create a single portfolio image –

Adding A Portfolio Image

On your WordPress dashboard, select ‘Portfolio’ -> Select ‘Add New’ -> Fill in the title, upload image, URL, lightbox, caption, custom field -> Select / Create a category for this portfolio image -> Hit ‘Publish’

Similarly, you can create other portfolio images and set a specific category for each of them. The Portfolio on Blog Page fetches the images under the category mentioned in ‘Portfolio Options’ in ‘Blog’

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