Blog – Drag & Drop

This options tab is where you can configure all of your blog settings, including the Drag & Drop Blog Elements.

Drag & Drop Elements provides an easy and powerful way to control the availability and order of elements displayed on pages individually.

To access the Blog Options, in your WordPress Administration Panels go to Appearance > Theme Options > Blog

To enable an “Inactive Element” section on your Blog:

  1. Drag and drop the Inactive Element to the “Active Elements”. It will now be activated. Please note that you can control where it appears by its location among the other active elements. Simply drag and drop the Active Element above or below other Active Elements.
  2. Once you have the Active Element in place, you will now have access to the Active Element Options.
  3. To disable the Active Element section for that Page, drag and drop the Active element to “Inactive Elements” or click on the minus “-” symbol to the left of the Active Element.
  4. Click “Save Options” when done.

Please note that these elements are best utilized when your Blog is your home page. If you have a static home page, then it would be better to utilize the available elements for a Page. Which are accessible when editing the page. To make your Blog (Your latest posts) your home page go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays and select “Your latest posts”.

FYI: The “Post Page” Element is a just a place holder. It is available so that you can place an Active Element above or below your posts. Beyond that it has NO functionality.

Placeholder Element


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