Best Online SEO Tutorials and Guides

Making a website and getting it started online is one thing, but reaching out to all your potential viewers is another. While there are many effective ways to do this, like word of mouth, social media, emails, advertising, etc., good SEO is by far the most result-effective way in which you can direct traffic to your website.

Search Engines and SEO

Before we list out some of the very best SEO tutorials that you could refer to and use to understand how to optimize the content on your website, let’s first understand a little about search engine optimization and search engines in general. That way, you would understand the tutorials and guides better, and implementation of the various SEO techniques would become that much easier for you.
Search engines are tools that provide users the best results of the queries (search terms) that they key in on the web. Obviously, they want to display the best results out of the millions of pages available online. They use crawlers to scan through the web, index pages, and store this data in their databases. As and when users request different search terms, these search engines immediately provide the best-related results to the users.

Your aim is to generate content that is better than the competition so that your pages rank well and are displayed at the top of related search result lists. This is where following proper SEO practices and related techniques come into play. For this, you need to keep these few pointers in mind:

  • Choosing the Correct Domain Name
  • Designing Your Website
  • Writing Quality Content
  • Using Appropriate Keywords Wisely
  • Linking Pages
  • Back Linking
  • Using Meta Tags
  • Publicizing Your Content
  • Advertising Your Website

Keeping these important points in mind, we’ll have a look at some of the very best SEO tutorials and guides.

The Best Online SEO Tutorials

This is ideally the best place to start learning SEO. Simply because Google has a market share of over 60% when it comes to search engine usage. Now like all other search engines, even Google will never give away their trade secrets, but their 32-page guide is all that you need to practice the best SEO.
MOZ Beginners Guide to SEO
Here, you’ll get all the basics and tips of SEO you’ll ever need. It will help you make your website SEO-friendly. Looking to polish up your blog and do some professional SEO? This is the perfect place to be.
Search Engine Guide
This SEO tutorial, called SEO 101 covers everything possible, from titles, meta description, keywords, linking, etc. Just perfect for you to get started, we’d say.
This guide helps you do a site audit by using Google Webmaster tools. Google provides free tools that are simply great for a complete SEO site audit.

Go for this one if you are a beginner or an intermediate user. They’ll help you bring real value for your marketing. Keep in mind; this one isn’t for advanced users who are looking for in-depth SEO.
So, for those who are looking for advanced SEO tips and tricks, this one would serve the purpose perfectly. There are 9 chapters in all, which you can refer to depending on your progress. And yes, some amazing infographics are sure to help even more.
SEO By the Sea
This one is all about search engine patents. Think you might never need it? But keeping up-to-date with patented search technology is where things might be headed shortly.
Search Engine Journal
The name says it all, journal. It is vast, and there is just so much to learn here. Years and years of posts are there to refer to so that you know what exactly needs to be done for your blog.
Marketing Land
Here, you can keep up with all the latest in Internet marketing. There is everything from SEO to social media and will cover everything that you need to know.
SEM Post
If you are particularly interested in digital marketing and need all the insights, you can get about it; this is what you should refer to. Besides all the latest news, you will know how changing trends will have an impact on your work.
SEO Book
Over here, you’ll be enlightened all about links, website structure, keywords, social media, and analytics. What more does one need to start? There is also the option to subscribe to an excellent SEO newsletter.
Yoast is very comprehensive. There are 9 massive chapters, all with great snapshots. New users and advances users alike can learn a lot from here. And when tutorials are presented through videos, what more could one ask for?
Xenu Link Sleuth
Xenu is free and simple to use. You just need to install it and enter your domain name in the File – Check URL option. It does a complete site analysis, from links, scripts, images, backgrounds, missing ALT text, duplicate content, to name a few. What more does a webmaster need?
Get it here .
Practical eCommerce
As the name suggest, all the practical SEO stuff is here. This guide goes on to help all, businesses, merchants, and webmasters alike.
Knight Digital Media Center
We’ll end with one that has all the basics. It has everything from keyword training, website structure, site navigation, image optimization, links, and what not.
Well, with so much to learn, the way you look at SEO will never be the same again. Just like most other things in life, learning SEO is a never ending process. Keep referring to these search engine tutorials and guides, and be a master in getting your SEO done all by yourself. In all this, remember to generate content that is aimed to please the user. Then using all the other tips that you learn through these tutorials will just add to your benefits. If you know more online SEO tutorials and guides , do let us know in the comments.