Guide : How to Add Google Calendar In WordPress

Calendars are an important function for many groups. Not only is Google Calendar a useful scheduling tool that integrates with many platforms, but it can also be embedded on third-party websites and blogs. This guide will help you to add Google calendar in WordPress blog or site.

Read on to learn how to add Google Calendar in WordPress

Install the Plugin

Begin by installing and then activating the Simple Calendar: Google Calendar WordPress plugin.

Once installed, you’ll need to connect your Google calendar with WordPress. Click Calendars, then Settings. This step requires that you obtain a Google API key.
To generate your API key, first, visit the Google Developer Console.

Next, click the Create New Project button.
Here you’re asked to name your project. The name you choose doesn’t matter and merely helps you identify the WordPress site to which you’ve connected the calendar.

Now you’re at the project dashboard. Click “Enable and Manage API Keys.”
On this screen, you must enable the Google Calendar API. Find it under the “Google Apps” section.

You must now confirm that you wish to enable this API. Click “Enable” to continue.
With the API enabled, you must next retrieve the key which the WordPress plugin requires. Find it by clicking “Go To Credentials.”

Here you must choose the credentials to use. Click “API Key.”Since you’re using the key on a WordPress site, click “Server” to generate the credentials you’ll need for the plugin.

Finally, name your key. As with the project name, it doesn’t matter what you choose. Just make it memorable, so you know why the key was created.

You’ve just created your API key. Copy the result and paste it into the WordPress plugin configuration screen. Click “Save Changes” to continue.

Make Your Calendar Public

This plugin will not publish private calendars, and you almost certainly do not wish to publish your calendar of personal events. As such, once you’ve created a new calendar for your site, you’ll want to indicate to Google that it should be public.

When at your list of calendars in Google, click the small icon near the calendar you’d like embedded in your site.

From the sharing settings screen, check the box near “Make your calendar public.” Then click “Save.”

To embed the calendar in WordPress, you’ll need its ID. Find it in the “Calendar Details” tab.

On this screen, find the section listing your calendar’s address. Here you’ll find the ID, which you should copy to your clipboard to continue the configuration process.

Add Google Calendar in WordPress

Finish by adding the calendar into WordPress. Visit Calendars, Add New. Start by setting a calendar title.

In the calendar settings box, click the Google Calendar tab. Here you’ll paste in the ID retrieved earlier.

To finish the process, click Publish. This process only integrates the calendar. To display it, you’ll need to use the shortcodes from the previous screen in a post or page of your site.

Hope you find these steps helpful. Please let us know if you know any other method to add Google Calendar in WordPress in the comments below.