How to Protect Your Website From Mobilegeddon

How to Protect Your Website From Mobilegeddon

Don’t want to get penalised soon? Get ready with your website responsiveness factor – As Google is going to bring a new algorithm for Rankings in mobile search results from 21st April 2015.

This Google update will definitely impact the visibility of sites and order of rankings at SERP in the Internet World. In order to retain the rankings -mobile friendliness of websites need to be checked at 360-degree level.

As already many of the websites have started getting warnings from Google, so let’s gear up and get ready before 21st April-

Sources to Get Help:

  • A very useful free tool to see what Google thinks of your site- Mobile Usability Report. It will help you to check if your site has any related issues and you can fix them before it’s too late.
  • Free Tool from Google to test your website pages has a mobile-friendly design or not-
  • Make sure that Google Bots can crawl the site as its very important to get seen.
  • If you have any doubts regarding mobile-friendly websites then you can chat in the Webmaster Help Forum.

Wrapping It Up….

So make your mobile users happy by giving them a wonderful experience navigating through your mobile-friendly site. It will give you the chance to keep your rankings intact.

I hope these tools will be of help to you. Share your thoughts on this update in the comments section!

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