Fresh Lite

Fresh Lite is a clean and light responsive WordPress theme with four different color styles.

Fresh Lite lets you create amazing responsive websites that you can control on any touch device including the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Fresh Lite – a Free Blogging WordPress Theme that also includes the power of a dozen plugins in a single theme allowing you to setup an entire creative website in minutes with touch-friendly drag-and-drop options on a per-page basis allowing you control the look and feel of every page.

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Want even more amazing features?

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Fresh Lite – Free WordPress Theme for Blogs’s Features

  • Full width background image
  • Header Customization options
  • Theme options
  • Amazing drag and drop elements
  • Custom templates – 4 different layouts
  • Visible edit links in the customizer preview

Buy Fresh Pro
Want more advanced features? Upgrade to Fresh Pro for these advanced new features:

  • A modern and “Fresh” feel.
  • Simple, yet powerful, touch-friendly drag-and-drop system that allows you to control your page layout.
  • Multiple sidebar layouts for all Pages including template options for the Blog, Single Post, Archive, Search, and 404 pages.
  • New drag-and-drop elements including the new touch-friendly CyberChimps slider, custom drag-and-drop header and logo options, portfolio, callout section, widgets, boxes, breadcrumbs, carousel, recent posts, and Twitter bar.
  • Powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.

Why Go Pro?

  • Simple pricing, multi-use GPL license — purchase it once and use it on as many websites or projects as you want.
  • Continued support for the latest and greatest versions of WordPress.
  • Ability to easily remove the CyberChimps logo from the footer.

Fresh Lite is one of the most advanced premium WordPress themes in the world and is released under the GNU GPL v3. Fresh Lite can be used on as many websites as you want. Fresh Lite is optimized for WordPress 3.5, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer 9 and 10 (but does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7, or PHP4).

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