Freemius – Analytics and Marketing Automation for WordPress theme developers

If you are a developer and are looking for ways to sell your WordPress themes and plugins, Freemius is the place where you should sign up. Here, everything has been set up perfectly for you to use, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for any related task or process.

Freemius Features

Here are some of the main features and reasons why you should start using Freemius right away.

  1. Wherever you are based, if you want to sell your plugins and themes to users based in Europe, you will need to collect EU Vat and pay the extra charges to different EU countries. Rates from country to country can vary too. With Freemius, all of this will be done automatically and seamlessly.
  2. It will give you segmented analytics for all your plugins and themes.
  3. You can control your pricing as you desire.
  4. The Stripe and PayPal gateway fees are included in the subscription.
  5. Software licensing is included in the basic features.
  6. All your customers will get automatic updates, which is vital.
  7. The platform fully supports the GPL license.
  8. The feedback form allows you to capture vital user feedback in case of deactivation of a theme or plugin.
  9. There is the multi-licenses support too.
  10. You can embed the checkout on all kinds of web pages.
  11. You will be able to sell from the WordPress site itself.
  12. Users will be able to buy your pro version right from their WordPress dashboard itself.
  13. You’ll be able to sell multiple extensions independently.
  14. You can manage your entire code base in one repository itself.
  15. The upgrade process is seamless and easy.
  16. Users can issue support tickets from within your theme/plugin interface.
  17. Unlike the competition, Freemius gives access to free users data.
  18. Managing license expiration is simple.
  19. Earnings are transferred to you on a monthly basis.
  20. Marketing automation email is free.
  21. PCI compliance and SSL certificate included.
  22. Conversion optimization is free.

Pros of Using Freemius

Here are the various benefits of using Freemius.

  1. Freemius is compliant. It does not capture any user data without user opt-in.
  2. The POP preprocessor automatically generates a free version of a plugin that needs to be uploaded to
  3. It’s Insights can be used with other eCommerce solutions.
  4. It is fully integrated with themes.
  5. Captured emails are never shared with any third party.
  6. Payment methods used are Stripe and Paypal. All major credit cards are accepted.
  7. You can customize the messaging and buttons of the opt-in screen.
  8. The in-dashboard checkout is loaded securely via a PCI compliant HTTPS iframe.
  9. It supports coupons, so you can set up coupons to be used with varied expiries.
  10. It is EU VAT complaint.
  11. It supports automated recurring subscriptions.
  12. User lists and customer data can be downloaded easily if and when you plan to leave Freemius. This makes migration hassle-free.
  13. You can still sell parallel with Freemius from your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  14. You can offer free and even paid trials to users.
  15. Code available to block users from trial abuse.
  16. You can sell multi-site licenses.

Cons of Using Freemius

Here are some of the drawbacks of using Freemius.

  1. At present, payment can be received only in $US.
  2. You cannot customize the in-dashboard pricing and checkout pages.
  3. Only percentage based coupons are supported, not 100% discount coupons.
  4. Minimum amount balance necessary for payment is $100.
  5. You cannot partial refund your customers. Only full refunds work.
  6. There is no support for an affiliation functionality.
  7. You cannot send emails. It does not have an emailing mechanism. You’ll need to download your users list from the dashboard.
  8. Paypal transfers are free only is the US. Non-US accounts incorporate a 2% fee.

As you can see by now, It is the best option for developers to create a subscription based business. It solves the main hurdles most developers face, like payments and subscriptions, software updates, software licensing, repository security, analytics, and insights, etc.

To conclude, Freemius has been built by developers, especially for developers.

About the Author

Pooja loves all things WordPress and thoroughly enjoys coming to work every day. Her team loves her too, though she suspects it is a little to do with the fact that she cooks and bakes yummy goodies for them often.

  • Vova Feldman /March 18, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Hey Pooja — thank you so much for covering Freemius! Just for the folks who read it, we already support 100% coupons, and the pricing & checkout pages can be customized using custom CSS. In addition, we are in the middle of the development of the affiliation functionality and hope it’ll be ready soon :)

    • Pooja Vangikar /March 20, 2017 at 4:52 am

      Hey Vova,

      Thanks :) sounds great. I am sure our readers will be happy to use Freemius!


  • Samuel DSouza /January 4, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Nice article really need to try such tool Thanks Pooja

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