Freemius Review – Freemius Insights, Monetization, and Buy Button

WordPress developer looking to sell your themes/plugins with no fuss and nonsense? WordPress marketplace, especially plugins/themes for the users, is a vast pool of thousands of options. Marketing, Analytics, and monetization get tricky when you have to do all of it on your own, especially if you are just starting out in the WordPress development industry. Your best bet is starting with the freemium (lite) version of your first plugin/theme. Believe us; it’ll get tricky if you don’t have a reliable and robust system to sell your digital products right from the beginning. This is where Freemius (Freemius Insights/Analytics, Monetization, and Buy Button) steps in.

What is Freemius?

Freemius- How it works
Freemius is an all-in-one solution for analytics, marketing, and monetization for your WordPress plugins and themes. Seeking a secure, comprehensive, and easy solution to sell your digital products? Freemius is your right choice.

Freemius Features

User management and insights

Freemius -Know your users
Freemius will capture details about your user events right from the beginning. Nothing is left to chance. Once a user installs your plugin/theme, you can track when your product was activated, deactivated, upgraded, etc. You can create email lists, marketing campaigns based on the user information and behavior using the insights. The best feature of Freemius as per our opinion.

Integrate Freemius SDK with your plugin/theme in 5 minutes

Freemius-SDK integration
The Freemius SDK enables you to create a full version of your plugin/theme. You do not have to build two different versions of your free and premium versions. The SDK integration takes only 5 minutes. You have complete control over the features you want to cripple in the free version of your WordPress product.

Hosting & Storage

Your plugin/theme will be hosted on secure servers by Freemius. You do not have to worry about hosting your product files, Freemius has your back. Freemius uses a public repository for Free versions. Private and secure repository for premium versions.

Can be integrated with EDD and WooCommerce

The Freemius Insights plugin can be integrated with EDD and WooCommerce. It will not cause any interaction or collision between Freemius and the eCommerce solutions.

Deployment & Updates

Your users do not have to leave their WordPress dashboard to update your products. Freemius will deploy the updated versions of your plugin/theme with push notifications directly to your user’s admin dashboard. Isn’t that something!

Dual Version Management

Freemius-Dual version management
Create just one plugin and let Freemius handle the versions for you. Freemius handles the free version and premium version of your plugin, without having you to worry about creating multiple versions for your users.

Payments & Checkout

Freemius uses Stripe and PayPal for payments. You can create a range of plans for a single site, unlimited sites, etc. depending on the features of your WordPress products. You can even add trial plans. Just navigate to Freemius Dashboard -> Plans. Your users will find all the pricing options in their admin dashboard for hassle-free and seamless upgrades.

Customer Support Channel

Freemius-Customer Support
Want to add a customer support channel for your WordPress product? Freemius allows you to add a quick support channel directly to the dashboard of your plugin/theme to your mailbox.

Email Marketing

Export your users’ list for integrating with popular email marketing software like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, etc. Start building your email list for campaigns in minutes!

EU VAT Handling

Freemius handle VAT collection, payments, and compliance for you. No more EU VAT compliance hassles.

Freemius Products

Freemius Insights / Analytics

Freemius Insights
The complete analytics solutions for your WordPress plugin/theme. It transforms you into a data-driven developer. You can Freemius Insights to send news and announcements, email marketing, decrease abandon rate, automate your product marketing, and more. Check out the full list of features here.

Freemius Monetization

Start selling your WordPress plugin/theme with Freemius by integrating the Freemius SDK in 5 minutes. Every feature we talked about so far is available in the Freemius Monetization plugin.

Freemius Buy Button

Freemius Buy Button
Use the Freemius Buy Button plugin to create software licensing plans and generate a buy button for your WordPress product. Setup recurring payments, automatic updates, software licensing with a secure checkout option for your users. Find out more about Freemius Buy Button here.

The Freemius Dashboard

Freemius Dashboard

The dashboard is a crisp and user-friendly interface. The different tabs offer an overview of different features of the plugin/theme you have chosen to sell via Freemius. Let’s take a look at the tabs quickly:

  • Users: Detailed overview of all the users of your plugin/theme. You have the option to export the user details for email marketing campaigns.
  • Sites: Overview of events for your plugin/theme. Details regarding the activation, license, version, etc. can be found in this tab.
  • Plans: Interface to create pricing plans for your WordPress product. A detailed overview of existing pricing plans and software licensing.
  • Add-ons: Create and monitor the add-ons for your WordPress products.
  • Integrations: Handle integrations for your WordPress products. You need to upgrade to one of Freemius’ paid plans to use this feature. You can create custom webhooks for your WordPress products if you want to.
  • Email Addresses: Set up custom sender and recipient email addresses for the various messages.
  • Event Log: Overview of the event log details for your WordPress product.
  • SDK Integration: Interface to integrate the Freemius SDK with your WordPress product.
  • Settings: Miscellaneous settings for your WordPress plugin/theme. Set title, view product keys, set accepted payments options, add collaborators for your product.


As the name suggests, FREEmius is free! Yes, you read that right. The entire toolkit is free along with all the features. Just sign up for an account on Freemius, and you can start selling your WordPress plugins/themes. They incorporate the revenue share model when it comes to pricing though. Here’s the pricing structure of Freemius:

  • 27% on first $1k
  • 17% on $1k-$5k
  • 7% after $5k

What sets Freemius apart from its competitors?

Freemius features
When you compare Freemius with its competitors, Freemius WILL win fair and square. It packs a punch of premium features for free as compared to WooCommerce, CodeCanyon/Theme Forest, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. Here’s a detailed features comparison, so you choose the best option for you. You will definitely not regret choosing Freemius for selling your WordPress plugin/theme. And if you are using some other platform, we are sure you’ll switch to Freemius.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Freemius and get Freemius Insights/Analytics, Monetization, and the Buy Button plugins today!

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