10 Free Design Resources from Pixelo You Must Get Now

Pixelo is an online resource for designers and creatives. More than the discounted bundles on the site, the freebies available are also a hit. Pixelo has a dedicated Freebies page so you can easily choose the design elements that you want. The free design resources available include images, backdrops, fonts, and icons. Brushes, textures, templates, and mockups are also offered. The styles range from minimalist to tribal, classic to contemporary and conventional to futuristic. The free design resources are made by designers from different parts of the globe.

One of the great things about these free design resources is that most of them have a multi-use license. The free bundles are available for personal and commercial use. That means that you can use them in various ways and in several designs. That said, it’s always important to check the limitations on each license to avoid any legal problems. Go here to learn more about Pixelo licenses.

10 Pixelo’s Free Design Resources

The number of freebies available on the website differs from time to time. As of writing, there are 31 free design sets on Pixelo.net. From those free design resources, here are ten of the most versatile packages:

Free Young Rebel Font

Free Design Resources

Free Young Rebel Font is a sans serif typeface. It’s perfect for branding projects because of its bold and commanding personality.

This typeface is also ideal for product packaging and marketing designs. It’s an effective font for magazine headers too. It can even be used simply as a text overlay to any background photo.

One of the free design resources you’ll get when you download this is the Young Light font. The set has multilingual support. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters.


Free Smoke Scene Mockup

Free Design Resources

Free Smoke Scene Mockup is one of the most fascinating free design resources from Pixelo, featuring a vibrant smoke pattern.

The high-resolution mockup (4500×3000) is available in PSD format. The smoke scene design of the template is ideal for posters, customized cards, and flyers. It is also perfect for album covers and website headers.

Free Elephant Font

Free Design Resources

Free Elephant Font is a sans serif typeface. Like the animal it’s named after, this font is huge and imposing.

It’s a great font for product branding for industries like manufacturing and engineering. It’s also an effective font for movie and concert posters.

As with most Pixelo free design resources, the Elephant Outline font can be applied as a stylish text overlay.

10 Free Futuristic 3D Shapes

Free Design Resources

This Pixelo freebie includes 10 high-resolution (3000×3000) futuristic 3D shapes. Half of the bundle are abstract designs while the other half are creative styles. Everything is available in PNG format.

The 10 Free Futuristic 3D Shapes set is ideal for contemporary designs.

These free design resources are great for advertising projects with space-age themes.

Free Echo Font

Free Design Resources

Free Echo Font is a sans serif typeface. It’s one of Pixelo’s most versatile free design resources. Fedotov’s Echo is vivacious and eye-catching. It has a lively feel to it that is perfect for posters, blog headers and logo designs. The Echo Font is also great for customized greeting cards and e-commerce sites. It’s a particularly effective font for fashion-related projects.

50 Free Vibrant Watercolor Textures

Free Design Resources

This watercolor collection is among the most requested free design resources on Pixelo. The set includes 50 vibrant watercolor textures.

This brilliant collection can instantly transform a boring design into something dynamic and eye-catching. Each high-resolution (1500×1500) watercolor texture is available in JPEG format. The collection also includes a transparent background.

The Watercolor Textures set is designed for personal and commercial use. A multi-user license is applied to each element. All textures are ideal for website and blog designs. They are also great for printed cards and invitations.

Relapse: A Handmade Free Font

Free Design Resources

Relapse is an attention-grabbing font that is 100% handmade. It’s one of the most unique free design resources on Pixelo. Even the tools used to make the font are DIY.

Relapse has a rebellious, grunge-rock personality and would look great on album covers, concert flyers and movie posters.

Relapse only has uppercase characters. Instead of lowercase characters, glyphs are available, giving you different variations of each letter that you can experiment with.

The font also includes West and East European accents and special characters.

Free Cosmetics Mockups – 30 Elements Including Images + 6 Bonus Effects

Free Design Resources

This set of cosmetic mockups is made for creative designers. The Free Cosmetics Mockups are particularly useful for packaging projects related to the beauty industry. The collection includes 30 free design resources – mainly images and backgrounds – and six bonus effects.

This Pixelo freebie is not exclusive for cosmetic products. The elements are easy to edit and use for other projects like personalized note cards.

Free Design Resources

Free Breakwater Triangle Sans Font

Breakwater Triangle Font is a sans serif typeface that is all-caps. The font gets its name from its unique triangular details.

Visually appealing, Breakwater Triangle is ideal for branding projects for the fashion and food industry.

It’s particularly effective for posters, flyers, menus and calling cards. The pack includes Western European language support.

Astronomy Free Icons: In Memory of Stephen Hawking

Free Design Resources

This Pixelo freebie is a special one, particularly for those who are fans of the late Stephen Hawking.

These unique icons are created to celebrate his genius and contributions to the world of science.

The icon pack includes rad images of stars, planets, meteors and other heavenly bodies. The Astronomy Free Icons are ideal free design resources for websites and blogs that have an astronomy theme or design.

They can also be used to create customized greeting cards and birthday invitations.


To use any or all of the freebies above, simply click the download link provided on each page. To ensure that you keep abreast of all freebies, get notified via the Pixelo newsletter.

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