What do you do during the Long winters?

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    HI I am Sandy, I live in Southeastern Wisconsin where we have long winters also. I pass my time by entering contests, crocheting, cooking and baking. My friends tell me I am very lucky because I win many contests. I tell them I am not lucky I just up my odds of winning by entering as many contests as I can.

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    Jitendra Mishra

    Hi Sandy,

    Welcome to the community.

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    Thomas Oliver

    Florida winters sound fun! :)

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    What contests do you play? I love spending time with my loved ones during winter season. 10% of my time I give it to website development. 50% time I spend with my family. rest of the 40% time I play video games.

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    I go into hiberation for the winter. South Florida winters are brutal. 68 degrees fahrenheit is nothing to laugh at. (wink wink)

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