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    1) With in the page element below the slider. Are there options to center the video? Are their options to size the video?

    2) Video Element Section: Are there options to size the video? Anyway to not have the file information show on the video in the upper left?

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    1. If you add the video using the video element, it will be center align on the page.
    Since you have added it in the page, it will take its own CSS and display the way it is. Hence, there is a video element feature in the theme.

    2. There is no option to size the video. The video element will make the video full width on all the devices.
    Regrading the file info, it is the the tilte displayed on the youtube page for that specific video. if you dont want to have that title please add below CSS

    .ytp-title {
    display: none;

    Hope this helps.

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    I tried using that CSS and it doesn’t take the title away on the video?

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    Apologies for the delay in reply.
    I found out that you cannot override the CSS of Youtube embedded video. When the Youtube video is embedded on the the site, Youtube adds its own CSS to it which cannot be overridden. You can add the CSS but it wont accept.
    Hence the provided CSS doesn’t work

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