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    The new Urban Grill Theme looks nice!
    But i can`t editing anything!?
    Just give me instructions to edit the sliders (just for example)

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    Most of the content from the Urban Grills theme is coming from the post or pages. Hence you will have to create number post or pages for each section.

    For example- For the slider, Please go to Post–>Add new and create a post. Now add featured image for this post (option below update/publish button). This featured image will be displayed as a slider image. Moreover, you will have to select the category for this post ex: uncategorized.

    Now go to Appearance–>Customize–>Homepage setting–>Slider section and select this “uncategorized” category from the category drop down option. Save the changes and check the result.

    When you create a post, please select a category for each post.
    Try it and let me know if you have any queries.
    Thank you.

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      I have tried the above option but the slider image is on a portion of the screen. I would like the full slider kind of image in the display picture. How do i go abt it? or wat plugins are being used? I have tried a slider plugin which is not covering the entire screen. I really like this theme. Help!

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        Can you please share your site URL so that I can check the slider and assist you better.

        Thank you.

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    Can you please share your site URL so that I can check the slider and assist you better.

    Thank you.

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    I’m working on a website for a friends pizza place as a birthday present for him.
    Prior to uploading it to the registered website, I’m prototyping it in my own sub-domain
    I have created four pages
    Home, About, Reservations and Delivery, posts (used for posts as ‘Home’ is a static home page.
    Now, for the Home page slider function:-
    I have created a few posts which simply contain a featured image and nothing else – meaning there is no ‘media’ in the body of the post.
    The image are not the recommended size, they are smaller.
    The featured images are all in the category ‘pizza’ which is the category selected in ‘Home Page Settings > Slider section.
    Why are the ‘Sections’ settings in the ‘Home Page Settings’ part of the customisation menu, not visible on the left column – which only display pages I created. Do I have to manually add these in the default ‘menu’ design page on wordpress?
    Where are the images?
    Why are the images not sliding?
    Why are the page not sliding when I click on a menu item on the left?
    How can I remove the widget column on the right?
    You really need to have a ‘Guide’ page.

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    Hi Milind
    I’d be most grateful if you could reply before the weekend.
    I tried deleting the theme and the menu I created and then reinstalling the theme but this changed nothing. It seems that WordPress saves the changes somewhere.
    The layout on your demo page looks spectacular and I’d like to have something very similar on pizza.softmachine.net before I can export it to the official website as a birthday gift.
    The other problem I’m having is that I always get a “Looks like something’s gone wrong. Wait a couple of seconds, and then try again” message whenever I try to save a change in the customise menu. When I go back to the ‘Customise’ section, the blue button displays ‘published’ but the website shows none of the Urban Grill feaures functioniing, it’s all plain old web pages.
    How can I get the special features of Urban Grill back up and running as they should?
    Thanks for your attention and support.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    You are missing one setting due to which you are facing this issue.
    – Please go to pages–>all pages and select your Home page to edit.
    – You will find Template option below Update/Publish button. Select “Home Page” from the drop-down option and save the page.
    – Now go to Setting–>Reading and select “A static page (select below)” for the “Your homepage displays” setting.
    – Select above edited “Home” page for the “Homepage” drop-down option.
    – Save the changes and reload your site.

    This should fix all your issues.

    Regarding the error message while saving the settings – can you please try changing the browser once? Check if it helps.
    Also, please try deactivating all the plugins and then try to save the settings.
    Try it and let me know the result.

    Thank you.

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    Excellent. many thanks, the slider works fine now I’ve selected the correct tempalte.
    However, for some reason, the ‘Listings section is acting oddly in that two of them (smokehouse and Pasta Al Forno and Salads) are not working. I’ve treble checked the ‘Home Page Settings’ the Post categories themselves and the featured images,
    The strange this is, Rocket Salad does show in small plates, but not in Pasta Al Forno & Salads (it is in both categories)
    Oh and disabling Jetpack, Aklisment and Wordfence seems to make no difference.
    Also, How do I get the prices to appear at the end of the dots, such as “…..£10.95”
    I’ve tried three ways, in the post title, as first line in post text and as first characters in single line of text
    Thanks again for your support

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    Regarding the post in the listing section, can you please try below steps.
    1. Go to Post–>All Posts and select any post to edit. for eg. edit “Funghi” post which you have added in the Pizza category.
    2. Add title to it i.e. “Funghi”
    3. Now add only the price in the page editor i.e. “£10.95”. Don’t add any other content here.
    4. Now go to Tags setting above featured image setting. Create and add new tags here such as Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Portobello.
    5. Save the changes and check the result.

    The title, price, and the tags should be properly displayed in the listing section i.e. how it displays here: https://demos.cyberchimps.com/urban-grill/#home/listingSection

    Above steps will fix the price issue also.

    Regarding the post doesn’t display in the smokehouse and Pasta Al Forno and Salads section, I think you haven’t selected proper categories for for the post. Can you please check it once?
    – The post in pizza category is getting displayed. for the temporary purpose, can you please try selecting this “Pizza” category for the rest 3 sections also? Check if it helps.

    Try it and let me know if you are facing any more issues.
    Thank you.

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    The tags and price only funtion worked a treat.
    I tried the ‘Homepage’ category (which I use for homepage slider images), as the fourth menu category and that worked fine.
    I also tried removing the ‘&’ from the post category name but this made no difference.
    All categories are ‘parent’ categories.

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    Great. Happy to know that the price and tags are working now.

    I didn’t understand the following point “I also tried removing the ‘&’ from the post category name but this made no difference.
    All categories are ‘parent’ categories”

    Can you please elaborate it? Can you please let me know what you are actually looking for and which section you are referring to?
    I checked your site but the listing section isn’t available. I think you have disabled this section.

    Please share the details so that I can assist you better.
    Thank you.

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    It’s the Listing Section > Menu Category 4 > Post Category – Pasta Al Forno & Salads.
    In regards to the “&” matter; I wondered if maybe the “&” in the post category ‘Pasta Al Forno & Salads” might not be recognised as a legitimate character by the Urban Grill template. But it made no difference.
    I also wanted to clarify and confirm that all the post items were in ‘parent’ categories and not in child post categories in case you were wondering if that was my error.

    You are right, I’ve disabled the ‘Listings section. I’ve just used an image of the hard copy menu in the ‘menu section.’
    My friend (who is the manager) wanted to send the restaurant owner a working website to look at so I disabled the ‘Listing Section’
    I even tried giving the ‘pasta al forno & Salads’ posts only one category – so they appeared nowhere else, this too didn’t work.
    I’ve tried the ‘pasta al forno & salads category in other ‘Menu Category’ positions too and it still doesn’t work.
    ‘Smokehouse’ and ‘Salad’ categories in ‘menu category 4’ work fine. So the problem seems to be with just that category.
    Are there any particular or common conditions under which a menu category will not pull in posts from a particular category?

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    According to my understanding, the listing section doesn’t work properly on your end.
    Can you please raise your query here https://cyberchimps.com/contact/ and share your WordPress admin access? I would like to check your admin dashboard.
    Also, can I try changing some setting? I will revert back once I am done.

    Thank you.

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