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    My WordPress Dashboard indicated that there is an update to the Theme>
    I use the Update mechanism on the Dashboard and after it says it successfully updated,
    The Update Themes are indicates I am still using 2.13 after updating to 2.14.
    I tried downloading the theme, recompressed it into a zip file and it wont let me upload as it says it already exists.
    How do you update the theme?

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    I have the same issue on both my sites.

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    I have tried every single method of updating and am getting the exact some result.
    It still says I am using version 2.13 and ned to update to 2.14.
    I downloaded the Theme form the suggested web link.
    I uploaded by FTP the theme directly into my wpcontent/themes directory.
    I used the Appearance/Themes update this theme button.
    I used the WordPress Update Notice and Update theme interface.

    Same result. This is unacceptable for a “Professional” Theme that I paid for, and continue to pay for additional Support for.

    Either CyberChimsp has not updated the linked to file(s) available by all mechanisms, or
    If in fact the Theme has been updated, The Updated Theme has the version number incorrectly entered in the code, or
    Cyberchimps coders are not up to the task of updating the out of date WooCommerce Templates that prompted me to request the update over a month ago. They still show a March 2018 date.

    Until this situation resolves itself I can only come to the conclusion that I should not have chosen to do business with CyberChimps with this deplorable level of customer support…especially for PAID PRODUCTS!

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