Unsuccessful file transfer queue.

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    Hi I installed W3 cache. I started getting this message Unsuccessful file transfer queue. I don’t know what I’ve done. Lost most of my front page formatting!!!!!

    Since I am so unfamiliar with this do you think you can take a look at it and tell me what I have done wrong?

    My username is admin
    My password is hK#vCER72#md)&cH

    I’m a bit desperate!

    Many Thanks, Bill

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    Morning / I found my problem by deactivating W3 Cache plugin. But do you know which setting would cause all the photos and sliders to disappear? Even some of the text formatting disappeared.

    Many Thanks, Bill

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    Pallavi Chanodia

    Hi Bill,

    Sorry for delay in reply. Looks like issue was because of W3 total cache plugin. You may want to contact the plugin author to check that? But you can try deleting cache if it doesn’t work.

    Thank you.

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