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    Hi Support
    The update for responsive pro is stuck on version 2.13, despite going through the process for updating the theme in question it does not happen as expected. This is despite the information the theme has updated, it appears to be locked in a loop.
    I cannot find the correct forum to place this request for help.

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    Hi support
    This problem with Responsive Pro still exists, is there anyone working through this issue?

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    Hello jonjac13,

    Apologies for the delay.

    There was some technical problem with the updating which is fixed now. You can try to auto-update or in meantime, you can go to CyberChimps.com and log in to members-area and download the latest theme from my-account -> downloads tab.

    Thank you.

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    My Repsonive Pro Them shows that it is version 2.14 but after updating to WooCommerce 3.5, once again it shows templates issues with the theme in Wo Commerce Status.
    Why does this keep happening?
    I am tired of tracking down support issues and seeking out the solution when that should be the job of Cyber Chimp Support to keep theirprodbucts up to date and compatible with key plugins for their customers installs.

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    Hello @john34,

    We had released theme V2.14 earlier by updating WooCommerce templates for WooCommerce version < 3.5 We have included few WooCommerce templates in theme. Each time WooCommecer releases an update - it checks for the template version in theme and gives notice if required. As the woocommerce is updated just 7 days before due to that you are getting this notice message again. We will surely update the theme as early as possible. Thank you.

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