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    The top menu bar used to be showing above the search bar on my site at

    Now it’s gone. Do you know what happened?

    Thanks for any help on this!

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    I’ve looked through all 4 links in the link you pointed me to, and I don’t understand what to do.

    I’m not sure I want to download a new child theme because I’m going to eventually use the child theme that will put a blog on the front page.

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    What’s more, when I activate the blog child theme it doesn’t look like the demo. It just has the blog showing on the front page. Not the video on the home page or the widgets. Just the blog.

    I’d like to get the top of the front page (the video and button), then the blog, then the widgets. How do I do that?

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    I have the same problem on
    After update the top menu disappears on mobile phone.
    Tried With Firefox and IE on desktop with small screen enabled and also tried on smartphone with two different browsers.
    Also tried disable all plugins and chat function on website. Also clear cache etc etc.
    What can we do to fix this? Please give me my menu back.

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    I also read topic at ‘free’ version:
    I have no ‘@import url’ in my style.css? I do not use any child theme…
    And also the ‘fix’ in header.php, i do not understand.
    I updated all plugins etc and have now WordPress 3.6 with responsive pro without menu on mobile.

    ** update: Sorry i only forget to deactive the ‘NextGEN’ plugin. When this one is deactived the mobile menu is back!!
    And now? Should Nextgen made the fix or Cyberchimp?

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    Thomas Oliver

    It seems to be an issue with NextGEN. Lots of issues after the latest update:

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    Ulrich Pogson

    Thanks @maffe

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    Problem is fixed, menu is back on mobile device.
    Update Nextgen 2.07 !!

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    Thomas Oliver

    Thanks maffe :

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