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    Esther van den Berg

    Since a short time, I can’t see my text in the visual mode, only in the text mode. But whenever I switch from text mode to visual mode again, my textbox disappears completely. When I load the page again, my textbox appears again, but the issue with the visual- and text mode stays the same. I have the last wordpress update and the last responsive Pro update. Can you please help me.

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    This shouldn’t be the issue.
    -Which version of ResponsivePro theme and WordPress you are using?
    -Can you please try to check the option on other browsers. check if you are still facing the issue.
    -Can you please try clearing your browser cache? You can also try in private window or in incognito mode.

    Do let me know if you are still facing the issue.

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    Esther van den Berg


    I use the latest version Responsive ProVersie: 1.1
    Wordpress version is also the latest: 4.7.2–nl_NL

    On all the browsers, I have tried safari, Chrome, Firefox and also on apple and windows computer. It is all the samen.
    I have also tried clearing the browser cache. It is still the same.

    I have uploaded some screenshots what I see.
    The first one is on the bottom of the page.
    here you can see how may dashboard opens. It opens in text
    The second one is when I click on visual. Then there is no text.
    The third one I switch back to text and then all the text has been dissapeard.
    The last one on the top I switch back to visual again and then the whole textbook is gone. When I start it up it starts from the beginning.

    I have tried everything but I can’t find the problem.

    Sorry for my late answer


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    Esther van den Berg

    I forgot to mention that I have also uploaded another thema, business pro. But also with this theme the problem stayed the same.

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    I installed themes of 4.7.2 but did not face the issues you mentioned.

    Can you please check if there exist a plugin conflict due to which you are facing this issue?
    Have you tried zeroing on which plugin conflicts with the theme?

    First, we need to confirm it is a plugin conflict –
    The best way to do that is to disable all plugins and try to check the issue – does it work?
    Yes – means it is a plugin conflict.

    So the next step is to zero in on which plugin is impacting the theme –
    Please enable each plugin one by one and check the issue – so you can find out which plugin causes it to break.

    If you are still facing the issue can you please share the copy if debug.log file?

    How to create debug log: YOu will have to login into your Cpanel account
    a. Please go to your wordpress folder –>wp-content. create a new file here and name it as “debug.log” (without quotes)
    b. goto wordpress folder and open wp-config.php file
    c. remove this line : define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);
    and Add following code in this file and save it:

    define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
    define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);
    define(‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false);

    d. Now try to perform the steps to get the issue.
    e. Send me the copy of debug.log file (you can find it in wordpress–>wp-content–>debug.log)

    About Business pro theme, can you please let me know the version of business pro theme? The latest version of the business pro theme is Version

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    Esther van den Berg

    Yes, this was the solution. It was the bol.com plugin. It was the first plugin I deactivated and now it works as it should be. Thanks for your support.

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    Nice to know that the issue has been solved !

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