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    1. Where is the search feature for this forum so I can see if any of my topics have been covered without going through all the pages?

    2. The biggest issue I’m having is uploading images and they are either way too big, small, stretched out, etc.. for the page. Is there a plugin that makes this process easier or do I need to find out the optimal size for items like sliders and logos? Please tell me I don’t need to resize an image I want to use in photo shop every time I want to add Images or logos to my site.

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    Apologies for the inconvenience. We have temporarily removed the search bar from the forum.
    You can use below solution to search on the CyberChimps forums.

    site: keyword

    Type above link in the URL followed by your keyword (phrase to search)

    Regarding the images, the best way is to add same size of images for each element like slider, boxes or post etc.
    Please find the recommended sizes for the images below (sizes of images included in demo)
    1. slider images : 100*300px
    2. boxes section : 600*600px
    3. featured image for post : 150*150px

    Moreover are you facing the issue with any specific section?

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    Awesome thank you!

    The sliders are the biggest challenge but for the most part I feel like every time I add and Image to something, it doesn’t look like it fits and I’m resizing everything in photoshop numerous times to get it right. Your approach makes since so I will try it….Thank You!

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    No problem.
    Let me know if you need any more help.
    Thank you.

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