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    The ResponsivePro plugin at over 7MB is too large to upload via the standard WP Add Plugins interface. I’ve uploaded the file using the FileManager on my BlueHost account into the plugins directory. When I extract the zip file it properly creates the responsivepro directory and completes the extraction of the files without any apparent difficulty. However, when I view the Installed Plugins page, the Responsive Pro plugin does not appear in the list of installed plugins. I’ve made two separate calls to the BlueHost tech support and they tried extracting the zip files and the same problem exists. Everything appears normal when you view the /plugins/responsivepro/ subdirectory, but it’s not in the list of plugins that can either be activated or deleted. The BlueHost tech support people are at a loss to explain or correct the situation. I’ve tried downloading a second copy of the zip file from my cyberchimp account and repeated the procedure with the same results. Can anyone offer any other suggestions to try and get the ResponsivePro plugin properly installed and activated?

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    I’ve tried another approach; I expanded the zip file on my local workstation and then expanded the zip file. I then uploaded the files to the plugins folder. Still no joy. Using the FileManager on the server, the responsivepro subdirectory appears in the plugins folder and all of the files are there, but the WP Plugins page does not list it as a plugin that can be activated or deleted.

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    I’ve made a third call to BlueHost Tech Support and was able to get them to increase the file size limitation so that the 7.7MB ResponsivePro plugin could be uploaded to the server in the standard way that all plugins are (as a ziped file to be decompressed and processed automatically by WP). This is what WP reported:

    Installing Plugin from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the plugin…
    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin installation failed.

    I tried this a second time with a fresh download of the zipped file from cyberchimps and got the same results both times.

    My initial impression of the Responsive theme has been very favorable, but I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on what has simple task of uploading and activating a plugin. Does anyone from cyberchimps actually respond to these problem reports?

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    I have now been informed that just even though the cyberchimps website says,

    Responsive Pro Plugin
    Premium Features for Responsive Theme
    Enhance your free Responsive theme and add more flexibility to it using one simple WordPress theme customization plugin

    it’s really a theme and not a plugin. Yes, of course, it should have been perfectly clear that it’s theme and not a plugin. Oh, silly me.

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    Pallavi Chanodia


    Sorry for the trouble you faced. Can you please share the link from where you purchased so that I can look into it and correct it to avoid any future confusion. Also you have raised a support ticket and its been answered. Please let me know there if it is working fine now and you were able to install and activate the Responsive pro theme. Do let me know if you need any help.

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    I am having the same issue. I clicked upgrade to responsive pro. There does not seem to be an option to install responsive pro through word press automatically. I tried uploading it as a pluggin, plugin not found. I tried uploading it as a theme, which makes sense, but file size is too big.

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    Pallavi Chanodia


    Responsive Pro is a theme and please upload it using Appearance – Themes – Add new.

    If you are not able to upload the theme using admin dashboard then please upload it using ftp or cpanel. Go to wp-content/themes folder and upload the zip there. After that extract the zip and you will see responsivepro folder. After that goto site’s admin dashboard – Appearance – Themes and activate the theme. I hope this helps.

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