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    Hello Responsive Free users,

    For a long time now (though many may not have known this), as a courtesy, unlike all of our other free themes, we’ve been providing pro level support for Responsive Free at no charge, which has included CSS and HTML customization help.

    With the launch of CyberChimps Plus 2.0 we have begun phasing this out and working towards a more simplified distinction between free support and pro support for all users and customers.

    Starting February 1st, 2014 Responsive Free users will no longer be receiving pro level support and will receive the same level of support as all of our other free themes, which includes basic assistance with theme options, but not customization help.

    If you’ve been enjoying the level of support you’ve been getting and do not want to experience any interruption in your support experience, you have 2 options:

    1. Signup for Plus, utilizing coupon code plustrial*2em for a 1 month free trial. This option is recommended for those that like Responsive Free just fine and have no desire to upgrade to the Pro version of the theme.


    2. Upgrade to Responsive Pro, utilizing coupon code prolove (valid for the entire month of February) for 50% off, making your total purchase price only $17.50. When you purchase Responsive Pro you will receive a 1 month free trial of Plus.

    NOTE – Whether you decide to go with option 1 or 2, after your 1 month free trial of Plus has expired, you will need to subscribe at $9/month for continued pro support thereafter.

    We sincerely thank everyone for being loyal users of our free products and hope that you’ll enjoy becoming a customer to continue receiving the best support we can offer and to help support keeping CyberChimps in business!

    Thanks, Bryan

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