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    Hi I have just purchased Responsive Business I installed from installable zip and when I went to customize I received error below

    Fatal error: Call to a member function add_partial() on null in /home/insideca/public_html/ on line 60

    Also why do I get two zip files with this theme (one is called demo data)

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    I tried to replicate the issue but unable to do so. I tried to get the issue on our test server but did not find it.
    Is the error message displaying on the page or in the debug file? Also, are you not able to use the Customizer option

    Can you please confirm that the Responsive Business Theme is active on your site? The error message you have provided is pointing to the Responsive free theme.

    Also, can you please share your site URL and also let me know the version of Responsive free theme and WordPress you have?
    Please update your free Responsive theme if it’s not up to date. the latest version is 2.7.2.

    Regarding demo data file, it is provided so that the user can make their site to look exactly like our demo site. The XML file included in the demo data folder needs to be imported into your WordPress.

    Thank you.

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