Page Color change versus background color.

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    Can you tell me the difference between page color and background color?
    I am trying to change the color of my pages so they match the background, but I have been unsuccessful?
    Can you help me with this? Please visit my site
    I would like the back ground of the page to match the site background of this link.

    Thank you in advance CyberChimp Guru!
    You guys are the best.

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    Apologies for the delay.
    Page color and the background color depends on the aspect you are referring to. The background color can be applied to any element or section.
    Page color (background) may be the container in which the content is displayed.

    I checked both the links you mentioned and they redirected me to the same page where the site background color is gray and it includes a form with white background.
    If you want to change the forms white background to gray, please try adding below CSS.

    .age-gate-form {
    background-color: #7a7a7a;

    – According to your site the gray color will be the background and the white color section where the form is displayed, will be the page.

    If you are looking for more CSS, this is a part of our Plus Support. Please visit below link to join it.

    Hope this helps.
    Thank you.

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