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    When I logged into our web site today, there was a warning from WooCommerce:

    “Your theme (Responsive) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce… responsive/woocommerce/myaccount/form-login.php version 2.6.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.2.0… themes may break because they override WooCommerce’s default templates. Most theme authors fix their themes in a timely manner, so you only need to update your theme to get the updated templates.”

    Can you push an update to fix this issue or send a link? Thank you!

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    Yes, same problem here. Still waiting for a fix.

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    I have this problem too

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    The issue seems to have resolved for me when I accepted the theme update to Responsive 3.8.

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    Nope, hasn’t worked for me. I don’t get the option to update eshopperpro2. Will it ever happen? How can we make it happen?

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    Pallavi Chanodia

    @tamara1, @mlammens

    In Responsive V3.7 the WooCommerce template was updated to latest. Can you please check which version you are using ?


    In Eshopper pro 2 also WooCommerce templates are updated in V1.1. If you have not received automatic update notice can you please download latest theme from your account and check ? Please let me know after updating

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    I am having the same issues but with the Pro Version i paid for and need it fixed yesterday.

    Specifically I ma having issues on those exact pages not functioning correctly.
    Please provide and update ASAP…this has been the case for over 3 months.

    responsivepro/woocommerce/archive-product.php version 3.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,
    responsivepro/woocommerce/cart/cart.php version 3.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,
    responsivepro/woocommerce/content-product.php version 3.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,
    responsivepro/woocommerce/content-single-product.php version 3.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,
    responsivepro/woocommerce/myaccount/form-login.php version 3.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,
    responsivepro/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/simple.php version 3.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0,

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    Hello @john34,

    We had released theme V2.14 earlier by updating WooCommerce templates for WooCommerce version < 3.5 We have included few WooCommerce templates in theme. Each time WooCommecer releases an update - it checks for the template version in theme and gives notice if required. As the woocommerce is updated recently due to that you are getting this notice message again. We will surely update the theme as early as possible. Thank you.

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