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    This theme doesn’t appear to have a Theme Options page. I checked in the Admin panel and the theme is up to date. Is there something else I need to do to enable the Theme Options pages so that I can customise the appearance similar to how I do on the other themes like EduPro and others?

    Site url is

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    I think you are referring to the charity pure free theme. There is no “Theme Options” in the charity pure free theme. You will have to use Customizer for this purpose.
    Please go to Appearance–>Customizer and customize your site.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am on the premium theme pack subscription. I only just noticed that there are entries for CyberChimps Club versions of various themes. I don’t recall this being available previously. It would be really great if the list of downloads were sorted alphabetically in the download list of the member’s area. It will make it a lot easier to find what we’re looking for. I’ll try the Club version and will advise if I experience any further issues.

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    I just re-installed the theme using the Cyberchimps Club version. For a few brief moments I saw the Theme Options link at the top of the screen. When I clicked on it, it gave me an error indicating that I do not have permission to access that page. After de-activating and re-activating the theme, the options link is no longer visible. Please advise.

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    I checked your site “”. It uses the charitypure-lite theme. If you have downloaded Charity pure theme from Cyberchimps account-Myaccount, please install it and activate it. “Theme option” setting is available in this “pro” theme and not in “lite” theme.
    Please go to Appearance–>Themes and activate charity pure theme (version 1.1) which you have downloaded from CyberChimps account.

    Can you please share the screen shot of the error you are facing, if possible?

    Moreover, themes in download options are listed in the order they are released. Latest released product will be at the last.

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    I ran the download and re-install once more and it appears to have resolved the issue. Thanks.

    If possible, please implement a feature on the downloads page to allow for alphabetical sorting by title, and date sorting by release date as options to find the theme we’re looking for.

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    After posting the above update, the problem re-appeared. This time I completely removed the Charity Pure Theme, and re-uploaded the Charity Pure Pro theme that I had downloaded. After initial activation, it displayed the theme options button. After updating from 1.1 to 1.8 as per the prompt on the themes page, the theme options button once again disappeared. I am 100% certain that I downloaded the CyberChimps Club version of the theme and not the lite version, and that I removed the theme, reinstalled, and reactivated it before trying again.

    Any ideas?

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    Apologies for the issue you are facing.
    Can you please delete the existing theme, download a new fresh copy of charity pure pro theme and install it again.
    Please do not update the theme. Its a bug and we are working on it. We will fix the issue and release an update soon.
    Currently, we haven’t released any update to the theme. The latest version of the theme is 1.1 only. You will lose the theme options if you update the theme to 1.8.
    Will let you know once we release an update.
    Thank you.

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