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    Hi all,
    I am having trouble with the “latest products” widget. In the home horizontal widget area it is showing my latest products, but it is showing them on sale with a green “ribbon” image that says “$154.00 off”. That is the full price and the item is not on sale at all. So I poked around and can not find how to change it to remove the “off”.

    So, I gave up and just decided to remove the widget. Now the “home horizontal widget area is empty but the Latest Products is still showing. I’ve cleared the casche but it is still there. I can’t get rid of it.

    What’s the scoop?


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    Prachi Thengane

    Could you please provide us the url of you site?


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    I used this code to remove the display of the widget:
    #horizontal-section {
    display: none;
    That removes the section but I would like to have the flexibility to display the horizonal section with Latest Products with the correct price.
    The same thing happens when you go to a single product page. A section called “Related Products” appears also with the price on sale ribbon showing full price off.

    The issue is coming from span.onsale.

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    Prachi Thengane

    Could you please raise a support ticket using below link? Also, provide the login details of your site in ticket so that we can check your issue.


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