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    I have an SSL certificate on, but something on the Journalism page is insecure, so the GoDaddy green lock doesn’t appear even though the site lists as https. This also makes the home page look the same way. I have combed the entire site and removed any links to insecure sites, so I think the problem is in the theme. Can you help?



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    Apologies for the delay
    Can you please try below solution?
    You will have to edit one of the themes file. To do so please login into your Cpanel account and move to below path

    < your WordPress folder >/wp-content/themes/grandstand/cyberchimps/lib/css/core.css

    – Open this core.css file and you will find below code at line number 86
    @import url('');

    edit it and remove the http text. Your coded will now look like below
    @import url('//');

    – Save the changes and check the result.
    let me know if the issue is still not resolved.

    Thank you.

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    Milind, thanks so much for your help! I’ve spent the last hour struggling with FileZilla and trying to get to change the line of code you mentioned, but I can’t figure it out and GoDaddy doesn’t offer any support (that’s where I host the site). So I’m going to have to abandon Grandstand and find another template that is not coded to inhibit SSL.

    Again, I appreciate your help.


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    Sure, no problem. But If you still want to continue using this theme, I would like to sort out this issue for you.
    Firstly, you will have to renew your theme and update it. You have purchased the grandstand theme in 2015 and you will have to renew it to get the theme updates.
    Once updated ping me a note here only and I will help you sort out this issue.

    And thanks for letting us know this issue.
    I have noted it down and we will fix this issue in our next update.

    Thank you.

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