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    I want to ask, how to fix errors: Missing required field “updated” and Missing required hCard “author”?

    These errors are only on pages, not on posts. My page setting forbid comment and ping, but in post setting it is allowed.

    I have checked and read forum documentation and @thomas-oliver have the answer for responsive pro template.

    Any solution for responsive free template?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    Thomas Oliver

    Is this for Google Authorship? Supposedly linking to your Google+ account is enough to establish ownership/authorship.

    This plugin may help as well:

    In regards to Responsive Pro, it does offer more flexibility and those features are not in the Free version, but I’m not sure if that is the same thing that you are looking for. So you could try what I suggested above, or purchase the Pro version.

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    Jitendra Mishra

    Yes, i think this will going to be a good point. Just keep voting on this and if many users have the same suggestion then it will be included in the latest updates.

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    Ulrich Pogson

    Microformats is an extra feature that we have not worked on. We have some basic support but will be looking to add better support in the future.

    In this case it makes sense for the updated and author microdata to be missing as a page is not time or author sensitive like a post. I think I have seen the issue and will look to fix it.

    By voting on features we get an idea what features people are interested in.

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    I wrote a quick fix here :
    BTW, you may let the author, date and so on remain in your page template (you can hide them using a display:none rule) for microdata support.

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    Thomas Oliver

    Thanks for the info.

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