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    1. Is it possible to create full page galleries with Granstand such as this:

    I’d like a gallery that doesn’t display individual thumbnails, or use pop-up-windows. The problem with the theme I use now (Touchfolio) is that this particular gallery does not support captions/titles for individual images, only a text box on the first image.

    2. I don’t understand the portfolio feature in Grandstand to be honest. Do I have to select individual images, one at a time, and tie it to a category, as opposed to selecting multiple images.

    3. In Grandstand I can only display the accordion slider when I choose the ‘home page’ template. Is this right?


    4. I’d like to display my boxes in a particular way: One box on top, and two boxes underneath. I don’t know how to do this as I can only use one ‘boxes’ element and category per page. Also, is there a way to customise boxes to have borders, backgrounds etc?


    5. Is it possible to make a site with two or more languages with the Cyberchimps themes=


    6. Is there a way to disable the left sidebar, especially when using the ‘home page’ template?

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    Hi, have you had any answers yet? I really love the accordion slider, but would like to use it on an ordinary page. I’m making some progress, but still not there yet.

    BTW, I like what you did on your website.

    Regards, Bob

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    Really sorry as it has taken such a long time to respond.

    Regarding the various points mentioned above:
    1. I am afraid the slider is not full-width. But it can be achieved using custom CSS.
    2. To use the portfolio feature, you can refer the guide
    3. Yes, the accordion slider can be displayed only when the ‘home page’ template is chosen.
    4. It is not directly possible to have one box on top and two boxes down. It is possible to customise boxes to have borders, backgrounds using custom CSS.
    5. The themes are translation ready. Plugins can be used for this purpose.
    6. As per design, it is not possible to disable the left sidebar for the home template

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