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    Just to let you know that the link to is not working – as well as all the links to Responsive Free documentation.

    I think I saw somewhere an update for the CSS Media Queries that is supposed to be implemented in the child theme but I can’t find it. Another thing: is there an updated version of the child theme (For Responsive Free) or is the original child theme the only version?

    Thank you.

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    Not working as in the instructions or those links aren’t loading for you? They’re loading for me, clear your cache and restart your browser.

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    They are working now – they seem to have been down a while ago (nothing to do with my browser cache or anything).


    Thanks. That leaves just one question: is there an updated version of the child theme (For Responsive Free) or is the original child theme the only version?


    Thanks again.

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    I’ve been assured that everything child theme related:

    Is current.

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    Thanks very much for following this up. It is just that there seem to be two different links to child themes;

    1) – which seems to be the very original version and then


    So, is there a difference between the two downloads – if so, what it is?



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    I’ll see if Ulrich (our resident Responsive expert) can clarify.

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    I would say that the first one works just like the normal Responsive with the text/image featured area. It just makes life easier for those wanting to install a child theme to have everything there.

    The second has the full-width featured area on the front-page. So it has a custom front-page.

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    Ulrich Pogson

    Flick is completely correct. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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    This is the link that my Business Pro 3 takes me too when looking for documentation. What is the correct link to documentation of Business Pro 3?

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    Unfortunately, the theme Business Pro 3 was discontinued a long time back.

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    Sávio Araújo

    Eu acho que vi em algum lugar uma atualização para o CSS Media Queries que deveria ser implementado no tema filho, mas não consigo encontrá-lo. Outra coisa:

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    I didn’t understand your point. Can you please elaborate it?
    Can you please let me know what you are actually looking for?

    Thank you.

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