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    Hi there,

    For the current site that I’m developing, I would prefer to use the native Cyberchimps slider but I can’t display the captions despite having this checked as active.

    The only way that it displays is with thumbnails below (which I don’t want) and no caption showing (which I do want). I use the slider captions with Cyberchimps slider on another site running iFeaturePro5



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    Actually, the design of the CyberChimps’ slider is different for both the themes. As per the design in Grandstand, the captions are not displayed.
    But for home page template, there is another design of slider with captions. Please create a page and choose “Home Page” from under “Page Attributes” > “Template” on the right side. On this page template, the slider with captions is displayed. You can choose the slider from under “Theme Options” > “Header” > “Header Options” > “Home Template slider category”

    Hope this helps.

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    Sorry for the time to respond, I’ve been moving! Not really satisfactory. The Cyberchimps slider that I have used with iFeature5 is so much better than the slide deck. Considering that this site is for a dive centre, we want to be able to display like at can you not make it the same as for other themes? I thought that the Cyberchimps Slider was just another feature included with the theme.

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    Apologies for the delay.
    The slide deck slider feature is not included in the theme. The theme may recommend using this slide deck plugin so that users can create custom sliders based on their need and include it in the theme.

    Moreover, different themes have a different design to its slider. The design of the slider in Arquitecto theme is different from that of ifeature pro theme slider.
    Each theme has its own design and is developed keeping in mind certain design. We cannot change the slider design hence provided the plugin to have a custom slider.

    Hope you understand.

    Thank you.

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