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    Since upgrading to WP4.7 cannot see WP’s custom CSS. I know your theme has option to edit CSS but did not use as Jetpack’s facility worked better (one CSS line conflicted via Business Pro but was fine in Jetpack).

    Just wondered if there’s some conflict with Business Pro’s edit CSS & the new WP?

    Thankfully the custom CSS is still in place:

    But when selecting “Customising Additional CSS” it simply shows:

    Media Width (field for numeric)
    Don’t use the theme’s original CSS (tick box)
    Preprocessor (drop down)
    See screenshot:

    No editing field NOR current custom CSS.

    Have found history of custom CSS:

    Jetpack > settings > appearance > Configure your Custom CSS Settings

    Takes you to a new page saying “Custom CSS Manage with Live Preview. Custom CSS is now managed in the Customizer.”

    There’s a drop down option: “Would you like to view the revisions of another theme instead?”

    Choose the live theme & then see history. But cannot use the restore button & still cannot fathom out how to edit CSS!

    Not an issue right now but will be when next needing to amend CSS. Any advice on resolving this will be appreciated!


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    Looks like it’s confirmed that Business Pro is conflicting with WordPress 4.7 CSS editing. See:

    Can you advise when a fix is coming out?

    Also, a short-term fix?


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    Thanks for pointing out the issue.
    The development team is working on it and will let you know soon.

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    Any progress on an update yet?

    Or a shorty-term fix?


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    Can someone please reply? This new problem has been live for over a month and we are currently locked out of editing CSS!!!

    Is there any progress on an update yet?

    Or a short-term fix?


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    I am really really sorry for the late reply.
    We will be releasing the updated version very soon.


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