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    Some (but not all) of the style changes in my child theme are being ignored, UNLESS I add those style codes directly to the “CSS Styles” section of “Theme Options”.

    At the moment, I am using version 1.6 of Responsive II (Responsive Mobile) theme, with version 1.2 of the CC Pro Features plugin. I believe this problem started happening with version 1.4 of Responsive II theme.

    The style codes added to a Child Theme’s stylesheet are meant to override the parent theme’s styles. But some of these styles are no longer being prioritized, and are therefore directed by the parent theme only.

    For example, I changed the font size for h1 headings by including this code in my child theme:

    h1, .h1 {font-size: 24px;}

    This rule was ignored, until I added it directly to the “CSS Styles” section of “Theme Options”. Now this rule is again being followed.

    However, other styles included in my child theme are still being applied.

    Why are only some, but not all, of the codes in my child theme stylesheet being ignored?? Is this a bug? Or should there be some new documentation stating which types of style codes need to be added to the “CSS Styles” section, and which will be read properly from the child theme?

    I manage several websites, and have experienced this problem across each site. Here is an example of one site experiencing this issue –

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Something must have changed. I use the same combination. My child definitions for the buttons are ignored/replaced. Sometimes even with those that ar not in the theme or child itself.Version 1.5 did not give this problem in my case.

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    I Checked the theme and the themes style.css file is loading first and then the bootstrap file is loaded due to which some of the CSS may not be applied. We have changed some theme design and added bootstrap in the theme.
    You can start using the Additional CSS tab from the customizer if any of the CSS is not working or adding “!important” to the CSS. The CSS added in the Customizer option will override all the CSS.

    Hope this helps.
    Thank you.

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    This is not nice.
    Why is the bootstrap theme css put on top within the existing parent theme?
    Bootstrap uses an other grid stucture and more. It doubles code and will not contribute to the load time. The well documented and fast parent css code is thereby thus overruled. What is still relevant of all this code, and what not anymore? So WHY?
    Should I base my child on the bootstrap css?

    What worries me most is the fact that after each update modifications have to be made to the child theme and language files. That costs a lot of time. Now (1.6) the English ‘edit’ is again translated in ‘ed’ as Dutch. But Dutch schould be ‘bewerk’ or ‘bewerken’. I’d also appreciate these modifications of the parent theme to be documented in the ‘readme’ or otherwise. In fact, the use of build in functions seems not documented at all. What does the new Team part do? How does it interact with other plugins for communities or access rights?

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    Hi Milind,

    I must admit that I am quite disappointed to hear this, and it causes significant problems for my business. I don’t know henk2 personally, but it sounds like we share similar concerns.

    I have been using various versions of the Responsive theme for about 5 years. After reviewing several other themes, I ultimately selected this theme for its clean code, lightweight functionality, and its ability to play nicely with pretty much any plugin tool of interest. It has been a fantastic platform for me to create customized child themes, allowing me the freedom to design and implement many different websites, each with its own unique personality and functionality as needed per project. When Responsive II arrived, I changed most of our websites to this newer theme, and purchased the pro feature plugin tool to enhance the ease of customization.

    To be told now that the child themes are no longer being read properly for output is very bad news. I really don’t have the time or resources to review all of the websites I’ve created, many of them for non-profit organizations, and try to figure out which part of the child theme is being honored and which is being overwritten by Bootstrap.

    Milind, would you or someone from the developers team kindly tell me if this issue will be reconsidered? I have a hard time believing that the benefits of Bootstrap outweigh the adverse effect of ignoring a Child Theme. Perhaps there are valid reasons that could be explained to me?


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    Meg, I could not have said better! That is exactly our situation with the PRO plugin and responsive II theme.
    Perhaps we should contact?


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