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    Is there any way too get sub menu items to pop out ‘right’ in the Fine Pro theme as they currently stay in the same container as the main menu items with a very minimal indent which makes the menu too long and also gives no appearance of hierarchy?

    If you drop down locations here you will see that where I added Central London Office Space as a main menu item and then child pages of areas included under central London, they carry on down the page in one long string?

    your help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Is there anybody available to respond to my query please?

    Many thanks


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    Hello Paul,

    Sorry for the delay in response.

    Currently, the menu structure of this theme is fixed. And to have the sub-menus to pop-up in the right container will require a lot of customization, as we need to take care of the menu on Mobile as well.

    So instead, we can try indenting sub-menus. Please try adding below Custom CSS in your Theme option settings : ul li {
        margin-left: 15px;

    I hope this makes identifying sub-menus more neatly.

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    Thanks for this. But it won’t solve the problem of the list being too long – I didn’t realise this theme didn’t have the same menu structure as Feature Pro which I use widely. Shame.

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    Is there a way of potentially setting it to two columns via css?

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    Currently, the Fly out type Menu structure is provided in our latest themes. But for themes like Fine Pro, you can try using free third-party plugins which comes with required structure :

    Like :,

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