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    After searching net and this site still can’t get the default font to change from Georgia to Arial. Want Arial for when creating new pages and as default.

    Is there a Custom CSS I can put into Themes Options. I have latest version ResponsivePro and tinymce plugin. I have also changed under Themes Customize – typography. It seems only to effect main heading and menu fonts. Need to change for entire site.


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    There must be options for Body, Header and Menu fonts.
    In fact they are on multiple places. Look under Fonts and Customizer. The font option is also on the theme options page.
    With the customizer you can see the font changing while experimenting. This works with me.

    If you want to use arial, do not select this through Google font!

    If you want to use custom css, this could help:

    body {
      font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
      color: #333333');
      font-size: '14px';
      line-height: '1.42857');

    If you want to use this only for specific media or media-width, you should place this within a container.

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    Can you please share the site URL?
    I activated the Responsive pro theme on our test server and changed the font to Arial.
    I checked the site and all the content was changed to the Arial Font including page content, post etc.

    You are using a tinyMCE plugin with this theme. I think this plugin has a feature to add font-family to the site. Have you added any font through this plugin?
    Try deactivating this plugin and check if the issue is getting resolved.

    Thank you.

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