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    So I set up a carousel, and wanted to tweak my settings. Mainly the rotation. I’m in the Appearance > Theme Options menu & in the “Carousel Options” box there is only a “Carousel Category” selection option. I do not see the “Carousel Animation Speed” option. It’s the same for “Page Options” as well.
    Am I just missing something?

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    Thomas Oliver

    Currently there is no speed option for the carousel, because it’s moved manually by selecting the arrow to the right or left of the images. Note that the arrows only appear if there are additional images to view.

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    how if i want to carousel auto slide and how to setting the animation speed manually?

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    Jitendra Mishra

    As Thomas mentioned above, currently there is no option for this. If you want to do it manually then you have to play with the codes but this is not recomonded by us.

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    Is there a feature request that we can submit for this? Seems like a reasonable option to include..

    How much is the cost in adding such feature?

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    Pallavi Chanodia


    Thanks for contacting us and for valuable suggestion. I am adding that in our list and will see if we can add that. But you can drop us a note using contact form with details if you are interested.

    Thank you.

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