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Can't Embed Youtube Video as Featured Content?

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    First of all a brilliant theme, but I am trying to setup a homepage but the iframe code is not working with the responsive theme’s homepage features? I have tried the old div and other tactics to even base wordpress shortcodes, and read some topics on it to no avail.

    has there been a bug or something or new changes that I need to follow to allow the video to appear? Thanks

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    I think I might have got it, I was meant to activate the two plugins that comes with this brilliant theme, once thats done you can easily enter as an iframe right from youtube. :D very well done!

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    Glad to know that the issue is resolved.
    Let me know if you need any more help.
    Thank you.

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    Howdy zhyder09,

    Q: What are the two plugins that require activation in order to run YouTube videos?

    My client site’s ( Home Page Featured Content section also has a problem displaying YouTube videos. The YouTube embed code disappeared after the last Responsive theme update, and I’m trying to troubleshoot getting the YouTube videos to display again. Thank you,


    [email protected]

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    Sorry for the delay.
    The SlideDeck plugin, that comes with the theme, can be used to display the videos.

    Hope this helps.

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